Jury Service cont..

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Life's Experiences

Well here we are again, just starting day three of a ten-day tour of duty. The look of despondency on the faces of those jurors in their second week: an acceptance that the chance of being called to service was diminishing by the minute. Yet still they arrive for 10am (not from choice); travelling anywhere up to 40 miles on a round trip; to sit, read and converse until dismissed 3 hours later… no cases today. One juror described the jurors room as the accident and emergency from hell. It does not matter how much the role of juror is flowered up to sound a valued and a privilege role, after day one it doesn’t wash. The totally random process of selecting jurors which calls some to service three times or more, and some never in a life time. The selection system in a multicultural society in which we live has not provided a balance in cultures within the jurors room.

There appears to be so much wrong with the current legal system from the laypersons perspective. From how some cases get through the system in the first place, to how a defendant could get as far as the court door before pleading guilty. There should be a DVD sent to jurors prior to service, showing what goes on behind the scenes that leads to wasting so much of the jurors time.

It is dawning up on us that we are pawns in a massive game of call my bluff. Which legal team can best convince the jury “beyond all reasonable doubt” that their version of events; their presentation of the evidence; their dramatics are worth the outcome they are gunning for?

It will be interesting to observe the new set of jurors starting next week: how long before the rot sets in?


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