Addendum to “We Need More Opinion…”

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Opinions, Personal, Technology
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An important point to note in Arrington’s article is the apparent hypocrisy of it, evident later on in the article.

I’ve witnessed this first hand more times than I can remember, which is why I don’t tend to do interviews with journalists I don’t know and trust. One slip of the tongue and that’s all they focus on, even if it’s out of context. There’s little care for the overall message, just the sound bites that give the journalist the hook they need.

On one hand there is a case being presented for more opinion in news; on the other, there is an apparent distaste for those who express their own opinion. Arrington appears to suggest in the above statement that he is accepting of journalists who share his opinion, not of those who have their own.


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