Glass half empty?

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Life's Experiences, Opinions
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“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream”; Edgar Allan Poe (A Dream Within A Dream).

It is my opinion that the world we live in today has not significantly changed since time immemorial; there have been issues with alcohol since before 4000 BC; heroin in the early 1800’s,  was associated with the criminal underworld; violence at football matches dates back to medieval times. There have always been muggings and murders, hijackings and kidnap, famine and wars.

I do not condone the reported actions of the alleged military atrocities overseas; neither do I condone those that occurred during the Falklands conflict, Vietnam, World War (WW) I an II, the War of Independence or the Crusades. Actions that occurred during  WW I and WW II would take months to reach the papers back home in England and would be heavily censored; now we see them whilst they are happening, uncensored.

I believe that advancements in technology facilitating contemporaneous reporting of events, through regulated and non-regulated routes, presents an uglier world then we actually live in. There is an obvious imbalance between the positive and negative events reported, that do not accurately reflect the world in which we live. In fact one could argue that (though I have not read it all) the only literature that contains a balance of good and evil is the Holy literature. My own life experience’s are sufficient to enable me to maintain an unbiased perspective on life.

Although there is the occasional time when I ask my self, is this life a “dream within a dream”?


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