Jury Service: continuing rambles of a Juror

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Life's Experiences, Personal
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Here we are once more. Two days into the second week, three times a bridesmaid but never the bride; are things going to be any different this week? Well I am not holding my breath, or crossing my fingers (or anything else that springs to mind); “whatever will be, will be” as the song goes.

I have met the new jurors, and a jolly pleasant bunch they seem. They have latched on to the fact that this is not my first time: the way in which I have set my pitch is a give away. Flask to the right of me, sandwiches to the left, here I am, stuck in the middle with you (the laptop). Some are keen to find out about what life is really like as a juror, so I answer them, quite honestly; with no exaggeration. Well, I was taught that honesty is the best policy after all… Two minutes in and they get the picture, acknowledged not through words but by a drop of the head and furrow in the brow.

As it stands, I am now starting to run out of distractions. I have set twitter up on the laptop: have signed up to and am now listening to a retro selection of tunes ranging from Magnum, to Mike and the Mechanics via Spotify; and I have stopped trying to make anagrams out of the word, “toilets”.

Role on the end of the week when I can look forward to going back to my day job; I never thought I would hear myself say that, sober!

Bye for now…


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