Praise Where Praise is Due: the youth do deserve it

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Life's Experiences, Opinions, Personal, Society
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There is gross understatement of the positive contributions youth of today bring in to society; demonstrated through the broadest of interpretations of “Pareto’s Principle“. The principle suggests, in context, that more time spent managing negative contributions means less time available for the positive. In the last four week’s I have had the pleasure of witnessing approximately 450 members of society ranging from eight years to late ‘teens produce some magnificent work. Which would not otherwise get a mention.

A local voluntary group called “Vision” came to the local church to deliver the service and to pass on details of the work they have been doing in the area. They come around every year, as we are on the periphery of the area they cover. “Vision” provide a community led youth service with the underlying theme of teaching about the Bible and Christianity. The majority of the team are gap year students who spend their time organising concert’s, youth clubs, and pro-actively going into secondary schools and organising lessons etcetera (fully supported by the schools). The enthusiasm in the way in which they go about their tasks and the faith and belief in what they are trying to achieve was a pleasure to witness, in such a young group.

At the beginning of July I went to see “The Wreck of The Titanic” by David Bedford. This was a new composition by one of Britain’s leading composers; a musical portrayal of the legend that was the Titanic. I went to see my daughter as she was a member of the senior choir. This magnificent evening, performed by three hundred young singers and instrumentalists; from schools and colleges across Lancashire, supported by The Lancashire Sinfonietta and the Lancashire Youth Symphony Orchestra and the musical director was Richard Laing. This was a spectacular evening, where I am sure I was not the only proud parent in the audience.

Then last night, although not on such a grand a scale, was the school play. The last for daughter number one before she starts secondary school. “Hoodwinked” a tale loosely based on that of Robin Hood ( a great deal of artistic licence, thrown in). Performed by approximately one hundred and twenty children in the last three years of school, at the local theatre. Not only did they represent their school magnificently but they all did themselves proud as well.

So, to all those out there who like to spend 80% of their time chasing the 20% who contribute little to society; I like to think I have helped to put the shoe on the other foot.


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