An Unusual Guest

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

As I got home from work today I noticed a scruffy looking bundle, on the path that skirts the living room window. It was not there when I left for work, I know that much. So being the inquisitive type I wondered over to the lump and stopped dead in my tracks, because there in front of me was a Tawny Owl: just sat there, eyes closed, statuesque in posture. Not something you would expect to see on a gloriously sunny day (one of the few in August we have had).

The owl appeared quite sedentary, the occasional eye-opening was about as active as it got. Letting me stroke its head, chest and legs, without a fight had me draw the conclusion that the owl had been stunned, rather than physically injured. After about five minutes of wondering what action I should take next, the owl made its own mind up. Quite suddenly as though a light were switched on, the owl opened both eyes, turned its head almost 360 degrees, hopped on it’s legs turned and flew off. With a wing span of almost 3 feet, as it flew off there was no sound of the beating wings.

Whilst an unusual guest, I won’t forget this one for a while. I wonder if this is an omen?

Picture supplied from RickJO1 on Flickr


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