Letter From Shawforth: Mans best friend.

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Comfortable Hound

Comfortable Hound

Dear all

Spending Christmas down at my parents with my family has turned out one of the best Christmas breaks to date. The icing on the cake [Christmas] was the reception we received from our dog, who had spent the Christmas period at my wife’s parents. We have to leave Honey there because my parents have an ageing cat: the size of Garfield; who would probably react to Honey as Garfield did to Odie.

We pulled up outside the house, to find Honey sat on the window ledge looking out as though she expected us to arrive at that moment in time. As we entered the house, Honey came bounding (as only a Cavalier could do) down the hallway and almost leapt into our arms. It took the best part of ten minutes for her to calm down, coming to each of us in turn for a personal welcome home. What a reception!

Man’s best friend is his dog: to which I would not disagree. I expect Honey knows who her best friends are.




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