Letter From Shawforth: our children…

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Dear all

As a father of two young ladies not yet in their teens, I am aware that the pain (and anguish) they put me through at the moment is nothing compared to what it is going to be in the future: and for that bit of foresight I am truly grateful. For even if there were ways in which one could protect ones self from the pain and anguish a growing child brings, through their teen’s, and later life, would one want to stop it? I do not think so! It is the experience of being a parent.

It is New Years Eve on Friday and we are planning to celebrate with friends at an arranged party in the local Civic Hall. My girls will no doubt be dressed to the nines, will be wearing too much make up, and having a wail of a time. They will be pains: wanting this, that, and the other; annoying the boys they know, in the way young girls do. Embarrassing dad into getting on to the dance floor; and I will for the sake of peace and an easy way out!

As we, as a family, prepare for the New Year celebrations on Friday, my thoughts turn to the parents of James Bulger, Madeline Macan and Joanna Yeates. Just a few amongst the many who will not feel the same emotions as others bringing in the New Year.

So as we raise a glass at midnight it seems only right to ask that we all remember those children who are no longer with us.




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