Letter from Shawforth: 3D cinematic dilemma

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Dear All

I spent some prime time with my girls this afternoon, which I am ashamed to admit is the first time in ages. This meant going to the pictures which was their choice. The girls picked the film at the local cinema, “Megamind” shown in 3D. One thing I noted when looking at the choice of films was the fact that the majority of the films were 3D.

Films aimed at the age group of my girls all seem to be in 3D which they love. Unfortunately this creates a dilemma in our house as my wife is one of the alleged 12% of the UK population who can’t see the benefits of 3D. The dilemma being do I go with the kids and leave my wife at home; or do we not go to the cinemas at all? In this instance, the girls won. I went with them, enjoyed the film and my wife did the weekly shop, which I was really disappointed at..

As a finishing point: just remember it is not cheap to go to the pictures, nor are the 3D TV’s or the 3D glasses. It will disappointing to discover you are one of the 12%, as it could mean you get lumbered with the shopping.




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