Letter From Shawforth: tales of infidelity and the press

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Life's Experiences, Opinions, Society, Uncategorized
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To remain committed to the same person for a life time takes some doing; to remain honest and true to the same is another issue. However, there are situations when through unforeseen, unplanned circumstances, two people find themselves in one-another’s company and there is a spark, that develops into a flame; a flame from which inevitably someone gets burnt.

There have been two recent examples of such, which have made their way into the public domain, with two different outcomes. One could argue the point that the outcomes should be obvious as they involve individuals from different levels on the sociological ladder (if one were to exist) hence the in balance.

It was reported (By Andrew Porter, Political Editor, Daily Telegraph Last Updated: 11:58AM GMT 21/01/2011) that a police officer, understood to be a bodyguard had allegedly, had an affair with the wife of the shadow Chancellor; whilst fulfilling his responsibilities of protecting the couple. The officer’s action has been attributed to the premature resignation of the shadow Chancellor. The officer has found himself under investigation by the Directorate of Professional Standards for this alleged affair.

The second incident involved a Hereditary Peer and Cabinet Minister. It was reported (Vincent Moss and Nick Owens, Sunday Mirror 23/01/11) the Minister had an extra-marital affair with an unmarried mother. To date the Peer has been fortunate with the consequence of his action as he has not found himself under any formal investigation for his actions; in light of the Peers own values and standards demonstrated in government.

Reading the articles one could conclude that unplanned, unforeseen circumstances brought both parties together. With reference to the source of material the Telegraph has appeared to tar the police officer and the Sunday Mail has appeared to have tarred the Peer (surprised?).

It is my opinion, old fashioned as it is, that it takes two consenting adults to tango: whatever the outcome, whoever it involves, are these stories really worth the press? Does putting this material into the public domain serve any real purpose? Is having an extra-marital affair really worth the risk of the predicted outcome?


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