Could see this coming a mile away!

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Opinions, Society, Uncategorized
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Britain ‘gives up’ on home ownership

I do believe that a move away from home ownership to one of home rental, as it appears to be in Europe, was a covert plan of Labour in the years leading up to their down fall. Hence labours support of the growth in lending.

The basis of my theory is that by reducing the ability of the work force to own their own homes, creates fluidity within the employment market place. The ability to “up sticks” and follow work is made easier if all the worker has to do is hand in their notice to the landlord and move on to the next rented property. It also actually helps to service industry as well, based on the fact that if they want to move their business for what ever reasons bringing the work force with them would not necessarily be an issue.

What this does not take into account is the fact that the workforce, particularly with young families as most do, may not be in a position to move. Nor the fact that with such a fluid society, would the local education and health systems be in a position to cope with such fluctuating populations.

Looks like yet another, quiet, government policy has slipped from the drawing board into reality!


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