Letter from Shawforth: The state of our roads

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Opinions, Society, Uncategorized
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Not a pothole in Shawforth

Over the past couple of years there has been substantive damage to our road networks across the county of Lancashire, and in Shawforth, attributable to the weather we have had. Which has been undoubtedly bad.  In the March edition of “Lancashire Vision: The newspaper for the residents of Lancashire”, Lancashire County Council (LCC) proudly boast of “New Investment”, which will see the investment of £81 million pounds in maintaining the road networks, lighting, and bridges in the county. This equates to approximately £5000 per mile of road per year; not taking into account the lights and bridges. Great, we will soon see our potholes disappearing…?

What the article in “Lancashire Vision” does not expand on is how LCC propose to address the issue of pothole repairs in the county and in what time frame. Obviously a quick fix would address the issue in the short term but would not be cost effective. To replace lengths of effected road would be more costly in the first instance, would take longer, but would last longer. As there appears to be no attempt to address the potholes in the far reaches of Lancashire, including Shawforth I guess, by the time LCC find us on the map, there will only be enough coppers in the tin for a quick fix anyway. It is not as though maintaining our roads to a reasonable standard will greatly affect the infrastructure to encourage economic growth in Lancashire; let alone boost the local economy in Bacup!

Although now twelve months old; an article, entitled “Why is snow so bad for potholes?”(http://bbc.in/gottQH), makes the suggestion that with current local authority budgets [January 2010] to address the backlog of pothole repairs in England could take approximately thirteen years, (Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance Survey, 2009). So whilst I selfishly wait for LCC to find Shawforth and start the long over due repairs to the roads, I will admire their efforts in encouraging economic growth in the rest of the county.


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