Letter from Shawforth: how green was my valley

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Environment, Political, Society, Uncategorized
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The Secretary of State has granted planning permission for the development of a twelve turbine Wind Farm site on “Crook Hill“, over looking Littleborough and Rochdale.

Last night I attended a meeting with local residents to discuss our joint concerns in relation to a planning application made for an alternative means of access via Market Street (A671) Shawforth; the building of a new road network to facilitate the development of the “Crook Hill” wind farm. This road network would result in the creation of a massive scar across the surrounding country side: untold disruption to existing transport and ecology systems, and wild life; as well as perceived damage to existing properties caused by the excessively large transport vehicles for the turbines as well as dumper trucks and cement mixers. A suggestion of in the region of 6000 vehicle movements during the construction of the wind farm.

Another major concern raised, was the potential damage caused to the water system in the surrounding area caused by the tonnes of concrete required, not only in the construction of the farm but also in making safe the many mine shafts in the area. It has taken many years to clean the streams and rivers in the area following previous pollution. The last thing we need is the alkali seeping out of the cement into the water course.

This is only the beginning of the campaign. Residents of Shawforth have enough savvy to recognise that if this access route goes ahead it will open the door to further wind turbines on the moors.

More positive reporting to follow…

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