Letter from Shawforth: Will Joseph Sepp Blatter really do fa about the FA

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Discussion, Opinions, Political, Sport, Uncategorized
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Flicking through the news on the internet this morning, I came upon a little piece from BBC Sport. The article demonstrates several points of what is good and bad about England; and what is particularly bad about Europe.

Whether true or not, the allegations of corruption within Fédération Internationale de Football Association (Fifa), clearly demonstrate where there is money and power at stake there are opportunities for temptation. Based on information openly available on these allegations, it is my opinion that Sepp Blatter should not have been re-elected to his position unopposed; England, through the Football Association (FA), was right to voice their objections. Actions for which I am certain the FA will pay for. There was a very pertinent observation made by Jim Boyce the new Fifa Vice-president; within Fifa the FA is seen as “arrogant”. An observation that could be applied to more than just the FA, Mr Boyce! Two questions need asking. Were objections raised by the FA out of “arrogance” of being seen “doing the right thing”? And, has the FA a hidden agenda in opposing Sepp Blatter’s re-election?

If the answer to the first question is “yes”, the FA objected on the grounds that they believed they were “doing the right thing”, they should not complain about the fallout of their actions.

If the answer is “no” to first question the FA did not object on grounds of “doing the right thing”, then did they have a hidden agenda in opposing the re-election?

Either way, Sepp Blatter appears as a man with moral scruples, on the surface, not holding any grudges toward the FA for their actions. “There’s no bad feeling with the associations that didn’t vote for me,” and “I’m the president of all the associations and will work with all of them, and with the 186 votes I’m proud. Don’t worry about the English”. Quite concerning really. Why should he have any bad feeling toward the associations that didn’t vote for him, they did not impact upon his aim of re-election. Sepp Blatter is now head honcho of quite a large gang. Why should he bothered by some perceived insignificance on the periphery? And “don’t worry about the English”, appears to becoming the European battle cry.

Sepp Blatter the unopposed president of Fifa will not need to sully his hands with revenge against the FA; he has Europe, who are very good at making their point of disdain toward England. If a demonstration is observed of Europe’s contempt toward England and their “arrogance” during the European Song Contest, then why not Football?



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