Letter from Shawforth: Cowell calls foul on “Britain’s got talent”

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Discussion, Life's Experiences, Opinions, Uncategorized
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As we are all now aware Simon Cowell has called in the police to investigate allegations made against the program “Britain’s got Talent“. However, is this part of the theatricals to which we have come to expect from Mr Cowell? Who will, as usual, come out of this with a smile on his face and a glint in his eye.

It is my opinion that programs which follow the same genre as “Britain’s got Talent”, such as the “X Factor“, always leave themselves open to allegations of foul play. Through disgruntled contestants or their relatives who feel unfairly treated. Probably more so by the public; through their observations of blatant, theatrical actions of the alleged impartial judges.

The show televised on Thursday 2 June, demonstrated some of the area’s of controversy, without which “Britain’s Got Talent” would not attract the viewing statistics it does. These included manipulation of contestants demonstrated by Jessica Hobson, who indicated the song choice was not hers when the judges suggested she had chosen the wrong style of song. Whether this is fair comment or not is open to discussion. The point at which I felt enough was enough being Cowell indicating the occurrence of an injustice. This being the voting off of Michael Moral by the judges, in favour of Razy Gogonea, both technically brilliant dancers.

Just because he can, is it morally right for Cowell to bring Michael back? To me it was quite sickening listening to the Hoff, McIntyre, and Amanda trying to seek forgiveness for their actions from the “god” of talent shows. To be defied a place in the semi-finals a first time is hard enough, what will happen if Michael loses out again. Although this time it will be the public vote that could decide.

We must not forget that at the end of the day the judges do not owe the contestants anything. In fact the contestants pretty much sign their lives away when they sign their contracts. Whilst the lure of fame and fortune of these shows draw talented and talentless acts like moths to a flame, should we feel sorry for those who get their wings burnt. As for Cowell, should he have called foul?

  1. Teresa says:

    Very interesting thoughts here. Simon’s decision to bring Michael back was completely pointless – if he can do that, why not bring everyone else back that didn’t quite perform on the dance-offs and sing-offs before the semi finals?
    The whole thing stinks of corruption – why they even NEED the judges there in semi finals and the final is beyond me. The acts have been chosen, why do we need any further comment from these ‘judges’, who seem to have no role other than to plant queues for the public. Did you notice how, in the final, every act except Ronan Parke had a negative comment planted somewhere? Despite flawless performances from many contestants like Jai, and despite the fact Ronan Parke’s performance was not flawless at all.

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