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Posted: June 25, 2011 in Society, Uncategorized
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In response to an article appearing in the , “Mailonline” (25th June 2011) by an anonymous Daily Mail Reporter there is a comment, “Yet again I feel ashamed of the male species…”.

Personally, my feelings for Bellfield go beyond those feelings of contempt.

However, enough about Bellfield. He has had far too much publicity all ready, and the sooner this stops the better.

This article is about the tabloid press. More to the point the Daily Mail. Specifically the article which appeared in the “Mailonline” (25th June 2011) by an anonymous Daily Mail Reporter entitled “The horrific secrets of Levi Bellfield:…”. Why? Because it disgusted me.

What purpose did the publishing of this article serve?

  • There will be interest in the story from those who are of the same ilk as Bellfield; and from those with a morbid fascination.
  • As a medium for those alleged victims of Bellfield to have their “fifteen minutes of fame”, because their experiences did not come to light during the case?

There is no moral nor ethical justification, in a civil society, for the reporting of “The horrific secrets of Levi Bellfield:…”. Moreover, I do not believe there is a case of genuine “public interest”. Based on an opinion, why do we need to know more about an individual, when that individual is allegedly being kept away from society indefinitely.

There should have been a great deal more constraint shown by the relevant editor regarding the publishing of this article, out of respect to the Dowler family.

It is the editorial staff within the tabloid press who allow immoral, unethical, reporting who are leading the decline in the moral fabric of this country. The lack of substantive moral and ethical standards, clearly demonstrated in this Daily Mail article, need to be addressed.


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