Capital Punishment: to bring back the death penalty or not?

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Opinions, Uncategorized
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I am not old enough to remember the last executions in the United Kingdom; that of Peter Anthony Allen and Gwynne Owen Evans for the murder of John Alan West.

I have seen enough argument for and against capital punishment presented by representatives from all echelons of society to draw my opinion.

It is my considered opinion that capital punishment is an acceptable form of punishment in a civil society; with caveats.

The most important caveat is that capital punishment is reserved for premeditated murder or death caused as a direct result of a gratuitous act of violence against a minor or an adult; by a member of society aged 18-years or over. The second caveat being that a maximum tariff of ten-years is served before the execution: by the end of the tariff if there is no successful appeal against the sentence, the punishment is delivered the next day.

I believe that only in an uncivilised society are such criminals afforded such lenience as commuted tariffs and a right to roam our streets to re-offend.


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