Letter from Shawforth: how green was my valley cont…

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Environment, Opinions, Uncategorized
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In a previous “Letter from Shawforth” I discussed a few issues of concern relating to the development of a wind farm on “Crook Hill“, an area of outstanding natural beauty over looking Littleborough and Rochdale. I optimistically, rather foolishly, hoped that I would be able to report that local opinion had been strong enough to over turn this act of wanton destruction in the name of “green” energy; however, this was not so.

Writing objectively on such an emotive subject is difficult when you live in an affected area that; anything forced up on you will stir up the rebellious side with in.

The arguments put forward supporting the use of “on-shore” wind turbines as efficient, green, alternative means of producing energy have yet to have me convinced in their favour. My informed opinion taken from the information omitted from the reports and statistics produced on wind farms, rather than the information that has been written. This lack of evidence in its self out-weighs what could be said for the evidence against wind farms.

So it is with regret, that I have to report that the wind farm is going ahead; with destruction of the natural environment developed and improved over many years.

The natural water table, natural springs and soil pH (measure of soil acidity or basicity) will be grossly affected by the tons of concrete required to secure the existing mine shafts and lanes. The landscape destroyed to widen access routes for the transport vehicles: houses that have stood a hundred years or more on shallow foundations run the risk of being shaken to their core. Whilst our taxes are used to subsidise the companies making the equipment: in the name of “capitalism”, lining the pockets of the “fat cats”, and paying dividends to the share holders who are oblivious.

How green was my valley…?


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