Letter from Shawforth:another pop at the police by the newspapers

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Opinions, Political, Uncategorized
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First the “Telegraph” report on the police accepting payment off Virgin Media, and now the “Guardian“, in an article by Sandra Laville, have a go at the police for inadvertently distributing private email addresses of victims of crime.

Whilst I do not condone the reported actions of the Metropolitan Police, as the police did have a duty of care in respecting the victims privacy; I find it difficult to comprehend the relevance in the depth of reporting by Laville.

The Metropolitan Police, through a spokesman, appear very transparent over the incident and how they are dealing with it; and it is at this point the article should have ended.

What is the relevance of the statistical breakdown “in the types of crimes the victims suffered”?

Our news papers should show more constraint over what they print; as it is the news papers, whether they are aware of it or not, who greatly impact upon the perceived values held within this country.



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