Letter from Shawforth:a dichotomy through loss

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Friends, Personal, Uncategorized
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Friday April 6, 2012…

“Good Friday”, when Christians the world over remember Christ’s crucifixion on Calvary; and His raising from the dead on the third day.

It wasn’t a good Friday for me, as I discovered that the brother of my very good friend had died of a cerebral haemorrhage earlier that day.

As difficult as it is to reconcile the death of anybody at any time: the loss of a parent as hard as it is, is certainly for me easier to come to terms with than the loss of a child (of any age) by a parent, or a sibling by a brother or sister, or a husband by a wife.

I had the pleasure of knowing Tim since a very early age; Tim was the younger brother of Nick, with who I started primary school with and have never lost touch since.

The untimely, unfair theft of Tim’s life has and will continue leave devastation across not only those dear to Tim remaining, his mum and dad, brother and wife, but all those who had the privilege of knowing him.

I have titled this “a dichotomy through loss” because a “dichotomy” is a separation into two divisions that differ widely from or contradict each other.

And where can these widely differing and contradictory divisions be seen if not with the loss of a friend, a brother, a husband, and a son: by way of the grief, the anger, the bewilderment, the sense of awesome loss felt; set against memories of  childhood holidays shared, silly arguments passed, marriage, achievements in life, the positive effects on the lives Tim touched, a pint shared in the pub, and in Tim’s case the lives he will touch in death through his unselfish gift of organ donation.

Tim will continue to live on through our memories and through others…

R.I.P Tim

  1. Jill says:

    What a lovely, touching message richard, made me feel very sad. I didn’t know tim but I do remember him. Pleas pass my condolences on to nick. X

  2. Nick says:

    Fine words.

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