Letter from Shawforth:leave our badgers alone

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Environment, Opinions, Political, Uncategorized
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Staring out of the living room window this evening, I noticed one of the resident badgers meandering about without a care in the world.

I consider myself quite lucky living in a rural area of the UK. And despite the draw back of a long commute to work, or to the shops, the site of my black and white friend in this environment contributes to making it all worth while.

The badger is having rather a rough time with our government as they discuss ways in which he could be managed in order to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis: which cost an estimated £90 million to the farmers in 2010.

I find it rather interesting that whilst there is all this concern over the spread of bovine TB through badgers and the inherent cost to farmers, there is little overt public interest in the spread of TB in humans.

“TB today still causes more adult deaths than any other single infectious disease.” Gagneux S (2012).  In fact:

Ten million new TB cases and 2 million deaths are estimated to occur each year, more than any time in history [1]. Furthermore, an estimated 2 billion people are thought to be latently infected, providing a large reservoir for active TB that will last for decades [2].  Gagneux S (2012)

Taking the above in to account, £90 million in the grand scheme of things isn’t a great deal.

Cattle are not the primary live stock in the area, it is sheep; so I guess, and hope they leave Mr Badger alone around this area.

  1. IsobelandCat says:

    I am guessing you are part of the black and white campaign. I think that’s the right name. I joined through Secret World.

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