Letter from Shawforth:farewell sky television

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Life's Experiences, Opinions, Technology, Uncategorized
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 In the not too distant future I will be moving on from the love hate relationship I have with my digital television provider.

Enough is enough!

A relationship originally born of the need to change from an analog signal, due to the “digital switch over”.

Residing in a rural community neglected by the providers of cable television; and at the time unable to access a “freeview” signal, Sky was the only means by which we could receive television programmes in the area.

I can’t tell a lie: when Sky first arrived it was great. Catching up on golden oldies such as, “Only Fools and Horses”, “One foot in the grave”; and the classics “Frost” and “Morse” to name a few was great, as terrestrial television then as now is a shambles. We never got into the sports channels and the films never appealed.

So the first six months passed by quite favorably and as the second half of that first year came into being I started to notice…

The repeats started to become repeats; not just on a few channels, and this was how it was over the next three years. In fact I worked it out, that it would be cheaper for me to buy the box sets of these programmes than to watch the repeats through Sky.

As I look for alternatives, I find myself eliminating most of Sky’s competitors on the grounds that the service they provide is no different in the long run; and just as extortionate. Something I suppose Sky ought to be grateful for. And talking to people who have one of these digital providers I am not alone in my thoughts: that they are a big con, a luxury that really most cannot afford.

So goodbye Sky, it hasn’t really been a pleasure.


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