Letter from Shawforth:pets, past and present

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This post is inspired from the memories of “Cat” found on “IsobelandCats Blog“…

I never was a pet person.

Whilst my parents had pets around the house whilst I was growing up, I never had much time for them. I remember them of course: two dogs “Honey” a labrador and later “Meg” a Jack Russel; two budgerigars one named “Peter”, and one named “Paul”, I jest not, (yes one flew off but never returned); and a tortoise named “Tommy”.

It wasn’t until I settled down with my wife that attitudes changed.

Our first pet was a tortoiseshell feline who went by he name of “Lu-Lu” –where do we get these names from, I ask you — who I unashamed to admit, was cat-napped; neglected, under weight and in poor health when we took her in, and no spring chicken, about eight years old.

Not long after “adopting” Lu-Lu, my wife talked me into buying a lop eared rabbit who she christened “Flash” as he had a white lightning “flash” on his forehead that stood out clearly from his dark brown fur.

Now Flash was a spoilt little beggar…

In the summer months he resided in the back garden. Living in a cosy little one up one down, attached to a run that provided enough room for exercise and additional dietary supplement. In winter he came indoors.

Wait, I hear you ask “living in doors with a cat?”…

Yes sir.

Flash and Lu-Lu got on like brother and sister.

Quickly adapting to using Lu-Lu’s litter tray, we very rarely had any accidents around the house with Flash; and Lu-Lu didn’t seem to mind to sharing.

I would often come home from work to see them both sat at opposite ends of the window sill, like animal bookends, looking out at the world as it passed by.

When the central heating was on in an evening they could be both found up stairs sprawled on the landing where the hot water pipes were, the pair without a care in the world.

Lu Lu was with us until the ripe old age of fifteen. She developed liver failure and after several years of managing her on special diets we decided, after consultation with the vet, that it was cruel to keep her going. Everyday we had her, she showed her gratitude for the life we gave her. The way she purred; rubbed her self against your legs; dug her claws in you as she made herself comfortable on your lap (perhaps not that). She never has been forgotten.

Flash continued to live the life of Riley although we believe he did miss Lu-Lu when he was in the house by the way he lolled around the house. He passed away several years after Lu-Lu, from perforation of the bowel caused by something he ate.

After Lu-Lu and Flash we decided no more animals. But then the girls came along (love them to bits really), shortly followed by, yes, a pet.

Another “Honey”: a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who after four years of being scragged by the kids has learnt to give as good as she gets. She has the most amazing temperament, sense of humour, and ability to be as lazy as a lazy can be. And since having her, neither my wife nor I have had any regrets reneging on the no pets policy.

So to IsobelandCat at isobelandcat@wordpress.com thanks for inspiring me to remember my pets, past and present.

  1. IsobelandCat says:

    Oh bless. My friend Sue who now lives in Houston and who helped me find NotCat had a wonderful indoor rabbit. A real character, but he chewed everything. I have had a soft spot for rabbits ever since.
    If you want to read something amazing about pets, try Lorely, she’s on my blog roll, Four Paws and A Tail are Forever. Get you hankies ready first. I would add a link but I am on my boat and the connection is not good. 🙂

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