Oh Danny Boy…le:This green (bilious) and (un) pleasant waste of £27 million

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Olympics, Sports, Uncategorized
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I have to say that I am not particularly patriotic toward the “Olympic Games”; fuelled by the controversy and political bickering that has been widely reported.

But really Mr Boyle: your plans for the opening ceremony http://bit.ly/Lk794y have done nothing but have me wanting to stick my head further in the sand until the games are over.

Do you think there will be enough clouds and rain during the games? Obviously not, hence your creation of a wet and miserable atmosphere at the start.

Glastonbury Tor… I live in the UK, and it holds no interest to me (boring as I might be). Why on earth should it mean anything to the visitors?

As for the sheep, and the horses, and the cricket match…oh how very original.

I could go on but I won’t.

Well may be…What a waste of £27 million pounds of tax payers money.

  1. One of the more memorable extinguishings occurred at the 1976 Summer Olympics held in Montreal , Canada . After a rainstorm doused the Olympic flame a few days after the games had opened, an official re-lit the flame using his cigarette lighter. Organizers quickly doused it again and relit it using a backup of the original flame.

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