“We only live once – we are born once and we die once – and the difference between life and death is the biggest difference we know” (Mr Justice Peter Jackson)

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Discussion, Health, Life's Experiences, Opinions, Uncategorized
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I have reflected hard as to whether I should pass comment on this highly emotive news article, written by Sam Marsden and Martin Beckford, in The Telegraph, about a 32-year-old woman referred to as “E”. If it were not for the comments laid down by Dr Peter Saunders, the campaign director of Care not Killing I probably would not have.

On this occasion, Mr Justice Peter Jackson took a most difficult decision but got it wrong.

In getting it wrong Mr Justice Jackson has not only prolonged the agonies of “E”: but also the agony of her family, who have obviously morally and ethically deliberated (in some depth) to how best support their daughter. He has also provided campaign groups such as Care not Killing yet another stick to bang their drum with.

Dr Saunders inferring that “E” was lacking capacity, “…that acting in the best interests of people who are lacking capacity does not always mean acceding to their demands” is an insult to “E”.

The implication of Saunders comment could suggest that Mr Justice Jackson was acting appropriately.

However, as his [Mr Justice Jackson] decision was against that of an individual with capacity – the article clearly, identifies “E” as “…a highly talented and intellectual woman…” – was this so?

Clearly, “E” has been striving to keep control of her life and her destiny, as is her right. It would appear that this whole case is about protecting the authorities position and not “E’s”.

I hope “E” finds what she is looking for.



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