Dental Extractions under sedation: propofol the way to go…

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Health, Uncategorized
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My eldest daughter (of 13-years) is, to say the least a young lady who under certain circumstances can and will work her self up into a bit of a lather over nothing.

Okay, when I say nothing what I actually mean is over those little things that most people ignore or shun: spiders, flies, the sight of blood, the sound of a grisly tale to name a few. Oh and the dentist!

Now early last year we found out that “M” needed a brace, which to M was fine because her friends had them; they were cool. But M needed to have four teeth removed to facilitate the brace. Too many teeth for such a dainty (he notes with a sarcastic smile) mouth.

The options available to us, or so we thought were twofold. Either M could have them out awake with local anaesthetic or not have them out at all. The National Health Service (NHS) in my area, had in their wisdom, decided that it was too expensive to continue a service of full general anaesthetic to facilitate the removal of teeth for braces as this was a cosmetic procedure.

You could, and I tried, arguing that the psychological impact upon my daughter being awake would have scarred her for a long time; and could have effected her attitude toward dentists quite strongly. But still no give…

Then one day I heard a colleague mention that Manchester University Dental Hospital had a Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry who ran a sedation service to help kids like M. The sedation drug of choice, administered by a Consultant Anaesthetist in a suitably equipped environment, with trained assistance, was propofol (Michael Jackson juice). So I took this information to M’s Orthodontist and asked for a referral. Considering he was unfamiliar with the service and did not usually refer to this hospital, he sent the letter and necessary paperwork; and we waited.

Well, as you’d expect when waiting for a hospital appointment it seemed to take an age; but in reality it wasn’t that long.

The big day came and we arrived in plenty of time. Unfortunately, fate dealt a nasty hand of cards and the extractions were not to be. Genuine events outside of any-ones control dragged the day out and we (a joint decision all round) eventually called it a day.

Four months later and we received a new appointment.

On this occasion the gods were smiling up on us and the procedure went ahead.

It is rather quite amusing watching your daughter succumb to the effects of a sedentary does of propofol; knowing that she was in extremely safe hands in a secure environment.

Well all four teeth are out and M is as happy as Larry having leapt such a large hurdle.

And we have the utmost praise for the service and the staff who run it.

It would be great to think that such a service as the one run at the University Dental Hospital in Manchester, could be available through out the country. It truly would make a great number of young adults happier; and healthier.


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