Letter from Shawforth:my green and pleasant land (council bends to capitalist softener and I helped)

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Environment, Opinions, Political, Society, Uncategorized
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Carrying on from my previous post where I discussed issues of concern regarding the development of a wind farm on “Crook Hill“, an area of outstanding natural beauty over looking Littleborough and Rochdale, I pick up on a few new developments.

In an article printed in the Lancashire Telegraph (Saturday 14th July 2012) it transpires that Rossendale Council have made a “controversial decision” at a Council meeting held on July 11th regarding the continuing development of the Crook Hill wind-farm by Coronation Power. The decision by the council was to “vote in favour of a proposed wind-farm” [Crook Hill] following an additional payment of more than £100,000 agreed by Coronation Power. A decision that can only be described as an egregious act of authority.

Due to the very nature of the business one would have thought that the council would have at least attempted to involve the community more? Unless they [council members] realised that any such action could be construed  as a “Trojan horse”.

The payment as described in the council document is for “Land Access Rights” and is in addition to an already agreed payment of £50k going to a local primary school and other “renewable energy projects”.

Whilst on the face of it there appears some sincerity from the council in justifying their actions, the residents within the local communities have in my opinion been treated as mushrooms.

So not only have Rossendale Council facilitated the destruction of this green and pleasant land, and the ecology of the surrounding area, they have taken tax payers money to soften the blow.

I do not believe this £100k has come out of Coronation Power’s pocket, but from all the Government subsidies they have taken to develop this “green”, renewable energy.

So I have contributed to this capitalist softner…

I have lost all faith in my local council now, and wish I had the time and means to do something about it.


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