Horse Meat or Beef…”What’s your beef”?

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Opinions, Political, Society, Uncategorized
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skeletal-debateEngland is in the midst of two of the biggest scandals this century.

First we have the scandal affecting the National health Service (NHS); and now the escalating scandal involving the use of horse meat, for which there is a sufficient opinion in the newspapers being offered up under various sensationalist headlines. 

Why am I writing this?

Because I want to convince myself that there is nothing to get wound up about, and putting it down in a post is sort of catharsis.

Question…Would you know what horse meat tasted like if it was in a burger, lasagne or kebab? I know I couldn’t, and if told it was a beef burger or beef lasagne then that is what it is. It is funny that no-one questions the flavourings, preservatives and other chemicals put in these dishes. The French have eaten horse for years with no ill effect (some may disagree with that statement). Put a beef steak and a horse steak next to one another, cooked in different pans, then I might be able to tell. It’s said that frogs legs taste like chicken, I wonder what the contents of “chicken nuggets” are?

Question…Is horse meat cheaper than beef? I believe horse meat is up to 40% cheaper than beef in some countries, so is it any surprise we find it in some cheaper brands of food. For example if you want to by the “ten burgers for a £1” do you really expect to find 100% beef; wonder how much crushed bone and offal could be in there.

Question…What about “Bute” (Phenlybutazone) getting into the food chain? I have yet to be convinced that if “Bute” is present, that it is of a such significant amount that one would succumb to the documented side effects of the drug. May be if you ate an entire horse or two, which had received long-term treatment of Phenlybutazone I would seriously consider it a risk.

What is the real issue…I guess for me the real issue is probably the deceit, labelling the product as beef when it contained horse; but then who would have bought it?

I am glad that I gave up buying meat products from the supermarkets a long time ago now. Despite paying a little more, I use the local butchers who buys his meat locally sourced and when you see him making the burgers from the meat he has just minced you know what you are buying.

So forget the sensationalist head lines, put down your pitch forks and just forget what you read in the media. It’s all tripe!

  1. An interesting and valid contribution to the debate. I agree that I wouldn’t be fussed to learn that I’ve been unwittingly consuming horse meat, but I’d dislike being lied to about the contents of my food.

  2. dottie says:

    Would you know from a joint of beef, is horse
    a different colour and would it smell different while it is roasting – I have some for dinner cooking at the moment!!!

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