Euthanasia:a right to live, a right to die

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Discussion, Opinions, Society, Uncategorized
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skeletal-debateI am a staunched supporter in the belief that it is an individuals right to choose the time, place and means by which they draw closure to their life. Often taken out of our hands, to which there is nothing we nor anyone else can do about it; there are times when a decision’s made and life is terminated by our own hand. And there are times when, whilst being of sound mind and strong in spirit our bodies physically will not allow us to achieve our goal. A cruel, and discriminating twist of fate. I also except that there are individuals who feel the very thought of this abhorrent.

There have been several high-profile cases Diane Pretty, Debby Purdey, Tony Nicholson, and now Paul Lamb; that relate to the right of an individual to seek assistance in taking their life. Moreover, seeking clarity that any individual assisting in such act, where physical disability prevents self-termination would not be prosecuted for their part in the act, in particularly a loved one; more recently involving medical staff. The similarity in the cases of Pretty, Purdey, Nicholson and Lamb is that they have all been very lucid in what they want to achieve; and, that they had the full support of their loved ones irrespective of the personal trauma they were experiencing. One other similarity is that those groups opposing the challenges to existing legislation showed blatant disregard toward the individuals concerned.

I am not an expert on the Human Rights Act (1998) (HRA) or the law in general. Yet I believe the courts are, in failing to make relevant changes in legislation to accommodate  individual application for assisted interventions in end of life decisions, contravening an individuals Human Rights: in particularly protection from torture and mistreatment and respect for your private life. I believe it is clear how these may be applied from the former cases.

I believe that there should be due process that leads to the acknowledgement of autonomy; and facilitates an individuals expressed request of other parties i.e. the medical profession, without recourse.

Let us learn to respect the views of Diane Pretty, Debby Purdey, Tony Nicholson and Paul Lambs of this world, and work with them not against them.


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