The Local Council Elections are over, and in the words of Nigel Farage the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) “send in the clowns”. His comment an apparent shot of sarcasm aimed at the Conservative Leader, David Cameron who had along with Kenneth Clarke, previously describe  UKIP as, “clowns, loonies, fruitcakes and closet racists”. Adjectives which could be attributed to all political parties at some point throughout history I’m sure. But who appears the clown now Cameron?

Party politics has over the years become divisive, particularly seen with the often child-like bickering often seen leading up to an election. Now-a-days it is not about selling the attributes of a political party, more about undermining the opposition. The lack of interest in politics, “1% of the electorate is currently a member of one of the main parties compared to an estimated 3.8% in 1983“, has resulted in poor party representation at grass root level. In France there is approximately one local representative per 100 citizens, in Germany this is one per 250; in the UK it is one elected official for every 2600 voters. Therefore is it any wonder, through an inability to reach out to an  electorate in a more personal manner, that there has been a decline in party political interest, and an interest in voting?

I myself am not surprised at the increase in votes that UKIP has, nor that Labour have found themselves with an increase share of the votes. The alleged, “Coalition” of Conservative and Social Democrat Party (SDP) has been a “coalition” in name only;  Nick Clegg has always appeared as the monkey to Cameron, the organ grinder.

Is it to say whether the final outcome of these local elections will have any bearing a General Election due 7th May 2015. The outcome could be seen as a very stern shot across the Conservative bows, or it could make for a decision by the MP’s to vote for an early dissolution of parliament; for which it would take a two-thirds majority.

In my opinion, to say a Political Party has been democratically elected is an absolute farce. I base this on the grounds that the actual number of votes cast, does not represent a significantly high enough proportion of the electorate, to produce a democratic result.

I wait with interest to see what happens next.


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