Child safe-guarding:failure should be a sack-able offence.

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Discussion, Opinions, Personal, Society, Uncategorized
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skeletal-debateThe conviction of the “Oxford child paedophile gang” has been widely reported in the media and the prosecutions a welcome outcome. However, a lack of action against individuals in positions of authority within organisations responsible for protecting vulnerable members of society, places a stain on the whole event.

It would appear that highly paid individuals within public sector organisations are immune from paying the ultimate cost for their failings. Reported in the Independent newspaper the Chief Executive of Oxfordshire County Council suggested, “”her gut feeling” is she will not resign” over the case.

Ms Simons, who has been the council’s chief executive since 2005, added: “There is going to be an independent serious case review which will look at the actions of all the agencies concerned… [but] my gut feeling is that I’m not going to resign because my determination is that we need to do all that we can to take action to stamp this out.”

It shouldn’t be the case of Ms Simons resigning, falling on ones sword to appease the baying crowds is not what one should do in such a position. In my opinion, failing these children is a failing of Ms Simons in her duty of care; to satisfactorily undertake her roles and responsibilities identified within the Oxfordshire County Council Chief Executive job description. This should ultimately result in her sacking. Could one trust Ms Simons now to undertake a fair and frank investigation, independent or not?

Ms Simons rightly points out though, that many agencies failed these children not just Oxfordshire County Council. And where there have been clear failings in expectations demonstrated, justice meted out to all concerned.

In my opinion the public sector would be far better managed if the “Mancini Principle” was adopted.

Roberto Mancini is sacked…” (14th May 2013).

Mancini had been the manager of Manchester City Football Club (MCFC) since 2009: his “greatest” accolade being in 2012; as their manager he successfully lead the team to the final of the Barclays Premier League, where they beat Manchester United ultimately on goal difference. This was a huge achievement for the club.

However, on 14th May 2013 for failing to achieve any of the clubs targets he was sacked.

Unfortunately, it is not often we hear about such decisive action being taken when there are failings in the public sector. This, one could suggest, is why there is so little trust or respect for those in positions of authority.

Let us not forget that current-events events in Oxford are not the first, and they most certainly won’t be the last; and it certainly is not something that is particular to twenty-first century culture. It is a world wide concern. Children have always been part of the most vulnerable groups in society, and probably the most mismanaged, for want of a better word. We have a duty of care, as parents, to all children. However, when agencies are tasked with managing that care for whatever reason, society should expect nothing less; as difficult as that might be to achieve.


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