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I have been married twenty-one years; I have two teenage daughters, and I am fifty years of age this year.

I wish to spend my fiftieth birthday in a log cabin, by a lake full of trout, with fishing tackle and a boat; with enough food essential’s to last a week. No Internet, nor TV, but a few good books. And did I mention on my own? Well yes on my own. 

If this makes me selfish, well so be it. Because I won’t enjoy my fiftieth any other way.

However, as I live in the UK this isn’t going to happen as I’d like.

So I guess I won’t enjoy it.


Cards on the table: I do not have an iPhone of any description; I acknowledge Apple have a remarkable marketing ability; I consider Apple products are over priced (then again if we are foolish to pay those amounts); I believe that, like Toyota and the recent issue with the accelerator pedal, Apple are a becoming a victim of their own success. Has this inherent success fuelled societies desire to complain? Is this desire to complain fuelled by the sometimes immoral financial rewards? Are consumer expectations rising in line with the cost of goods and services? Or is what we are seeing issues rooted far deeper in the industries?

Society over the years has developed the act of moaning and complaining to a fine art. The question of whether the right of complaint is equal across the whole of society is open to debate, but we all do it, to a greater or lesser degree.

When a search of the internet for “known mobile phone faults”, the result is an abundance of issues, noted against virtually every mobile phone manufacturer. Some faults are minor and some more serious, the Apple issue not particularly in a league of its own. What I noted was that none of the issues associated with other mobile phone companies were given the same press or air time as this one. Begging the question is this current situation Apple find themselves in home-grown? In fact one could argue similarity between “antennagate” (  and Toyota’ accelerator issue: in as much that if one looked hard enough (or not by using the internet) faults occurring in vehicles of all makes and models requiring recall could be found; Toyota is a highly successful company. An interesting point is the comparison between how Toyota managed the Public Relations (PR) side of situation to that of Apple. Whether the lawsuit against Apple and AT&T by consumers has been brought ( believing they have not received value for money; or for the way Apple has conducted themselves (; or law firms after a quick killing at another’s (if not extremely affluent other) expense, we will have to wait and see. But I do find my self agreeing with the suggestion, through empirical evidence, that “all mobile phones suffer with this problem to a greater or lesser degree…”

The stimulus for this article is not so much the complaints per se against Apple and AT&T: as the issue is resolved by one of three ways. By virtue of the information in the public domain make an informed decision;

  1. just don’t buy one
  2. buy one, don’t complain, and wait for a fix
  3. or buy a phone and invest in some duct tape, or a protective case, whilst waiting for the Apple fix.

It is more the point that the Apple and Toyota situations will never go away in a competitive world, society has to accept that nothing natural or man-made will be perfect every time; it is these little flaws that make us love them or hate them.

Here we are once more. Two days into the second week, three times a bridesmaid but never the bride; are things going to be any different this week? Well I am not holding my breath, or crossing my fingers (or anything else that springs to mind); “whatever will be, will be” as the song goes.

I have met the new jurors, and a jolly pleasant bunch they seem. They have latched on to the fact that this is not my first time: the way in which I have set my pitch is a give away. Flask to the right of me, sandwiches to the left, here I am, stuck in the middle with you (the laptop). Some are keen to find out about what life is really like as a juror, so I answer them, quite honestly; with no exaggeration. Well, I was taught that honesty is the best policy after all… Two minutes in and they get the picture, acknowledged not through words but by a drop of the head and furrow in the brow.

As it stands, I am now starting to run out of distractions. I have set twitter up on the laptop: have signed up to and am now listening to a retro selection of tunes ranging from Magnum, to Mike and the Mechanics via Spotify; and I have stopped trying to make anagrams out of the word, “toilets”.

Role on the end of the week when I can look forward to going back to my day job; I never thought I would hear myself say that, sober!

Bye for now…

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream”; Edgar Allan Poe (A Dream Within A Dream).

It is my opinion that the world we live in today has not significantly changed since time immemorial; there have been issues with alcohol since before 4000 BC; heroin in the early 1800’s,  was associated with the criminal underworld; violence at football matches dates back to medieval times. There have always been muggings and murders, hijackings and kidnap, famine and wars.

I do not condone the reported actions of the alleged military atrocities overseas; neither do I condone those that occurred during the Falklands conflict, Vietnam, World War (WW) I an II, the War of Independence or the Crusades. Actions that occurred during  WW I and WW II would take months to reach the papers back home in England and would be heavily censored; now we see them whilst they are happening, uncensored.

I believe that advancements in technology facilitating contemporaneous reporting of events, through regulated and non-regulated routes, presents an uglier world then we actually live in. There is an obvious imbalance between the positive and negative events reported, that do not accurately reflect the world in which we live. In fact one could argue that (though I have not read it all) the only literature that contains a balance of good and evil is the Holy literature. My own life experience’s are sufficient to enable me to maintain an unbiased perspective on life.

Although there is the occasional time when I ask my self, is this life a “dream within a dream”?